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Colour Photograph

عبد الرحمن الماجدي 2

(Box: the Box Brownie)

In the box brownie of your head, sits the viper of your envy

swallowing the heedlessness of the road.

In the caves of your mouth, prison guards

are melting the truth in the acid of speech.

Your paper horses are lost on the road of your desolate spirit,

and your wooden God has lied to you

when you finished using certainty.

You run away from the photographer of forgetfulness

fearing he would enter you in the machine of absence.

Now you sit alone, on your last chair,

facing the deserted sea of your days.

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Abdulrahman Almajedi

Translated by Dikra Rida

Days are my enemies

I lock my doors in their faces,

I dust their light with rumours

about the weather

to evoke animosity between us.

When a day becomes the guest of my anger

I feed it apathy,

I water it with misery,

I cut its hours with the knives of frenzy,

and I give it an ending suitable

for defeated knights;

so I can keep a watchful eye for its mimicking brothers,

I arrange my forthcoming fights in fields

locked in the grounds of my head.

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