Abdulrahman Almajedi

abdulrahman almajedi 1

My uncle Salman
suffered a stroke
when his sons changed
his profession
from farmer to labourer.

He became silent.
One night they heard him weeping
like a widow in his bed.

In the morning he was gone.
They searched for him
in the alleys of al Thowra,
in its houses,
its street corners.
They found nothing.

A visitor came from al Amara,
days later.
He told them that an old man had been found
one night, weeping like a widow
in a shrub infested boat
in the drained marsh,
suffering from a stroke.

Al Thawra is a district in Baghdad where the marshes have been drained.
Al Amara is a town in southern Iraq

translated by Dikra Reda

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